Limiting Sitting & Sleeping

Can you limit your sitting and sleeping to just 23.5 hours a day?

I spend an appalling amount of time sitting in my car and then sitting at my desk.   I wish I spent more time sleeping! One of many good things about my new practicum is that I will be walking for at least an extra 20 minutes a day from the parking deck to the library.

I have just discovered the Obesity Panacea blog.  I have osteoarthritis in my knee and am determined to lose weight.  I like this blog because it is research based and presents important information without judging.  Obesity is not a character flaw.  I know I’m overweight. I’ve been feeling frustrated about how difficult it is for me to exercise, especially with a painful knee.  These articles give me hope that with incremental changes I can improve my health.

Exercise = therapy, if not medicine!

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Zebra Fish Making a Splash

One of my sisters is working with zebra fish so I’ve been doing some extra reading.  Today I ran across this article, Zebrafish make a big splash,  on Vector, the Children’s Hospital Boston science & clinical innovation blog.  Researchers there have developed a specialized fish breeding tank, the iSpawn. I hope that some of the profits are going back to the creators.

If you’d like to learn more, there’s a longer video, the Glass Fish,  from the Planck institute.   This video was produced in 2009 and predates the iSpawn technology.

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Health & Wellness

I am not one for new year’s  resolutions, but I do need some extra motivation this year.  I found some strong motivation in this morning’s Charlotte Observer.  A weighted hula hoop looks like fun!

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Bates Visual Guide to Physical Examination

I remember Bates from 1988! It was one of my more expensive textbooks. I wonder what edition I had? The book is on the 10th edition and the video series is on the 4th. I’m accessing the videos through the UNC health sciences library. The videos are very detailed and include voice-over narration and captions. Now onward to Unit 12!

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Standard or Universal?

My mother is a second career nurse;  she graduated from the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University in 1983.  I followed her in 1990.  We even shared some of the same professors.  She worked as a medical-surgical nurse until her retirement and  is currently enjoying her third career as an orchard keeper.  I practiced oncology nursing for five years.  After an extended sabbatical to care for my young children, I’m completing both the RN Refresher course and my MLIS.

This week I’ve been studying infection control precautions.  In the 20 plus years since I was last in nursing school there has been a vocabulary shift from “universal” to “standard” precautions.    I remember when “universal precautions” were inconsistently applied to patients who were HIV+.  Doors were labelled “blood & body fluid isolation” and staff members would gown, glove, & mask before entering.  My mother, who also had a master’s degree in microbiology, reviewed the available research and refused to discriminate against her patients this way.  She wore PPE as necessary to prevent exposure to body fluids from all of her patients.

Universal precautions focus was on protecting the health care provider from blood-borne pathogens, implying a linear relationship between blood exposure and infection.  With the shift to standard precautions, an epidemiological model is used to study the complex relationships between host, environment, and agent.  This linguistic change reflects the evolution of clinical practice.

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Merck Manual Online Apps

Merk Manual Professional Edition for the iPhone and iPad.

I am not sure that I want the home version on my iPhone because it would only encourage my youngest child’s hypochondria. As a professional reference, I think it would be invaluable.

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Protecting the Patient and Nurse: Infection Control, Biohazards, and Bloodborne Pathogens

On completing the RN Refresher program online module Unit 10.

This topic is near and dear to my heart.  Before her retirement, my mother had an occupational needle-stick from an end-stage AIDS patient.  They were in the suite, and the needle box was on the counter, not secured to the wall.  In it’s place, the decorator had placed a mirror.  Until then we didn’t know that hospitals even had interior decorators.

She took a course of anti-retroviral drugs, which made her so sick that she unable to work for three weeks. Upon her return to work, she discovered that the situation which contributed to her injury had not been corrected.  She put in her request for retirement shortly afterwards.


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Book nurse is blogging

I’m finding that being a 21st century student is somewhat more challenging than it was in the 80’s.  Then again, I’m also raising four children now and that presents its own challenges.  I am in the fourth year of  my master’s degree in  at UNC Greensboro, working towards a Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies (MLIS). I am also completing the RN refresher course so that I will have an active nursing license.

My 19 year old is now enrolled at Central Piedmont Community College, where he is working towards an associate’s degree in history. Then he’ll transfer to a four-year college and finish his degree.  His tuition is $65 a credit hour while mine is closer to $200.  I hope some sort of financial aid comes through for one of us.

Today I have been trying to get my financial aid documentation sorted out.  For some reason, when I submitted my application, my gender was not recorded.  This is essential in order to register (men only) for selective service.  I don’t think I would pass the physical, but I would be perfectly willing to register.  Who knows? Perhaps the military could use a cranky, middle-aged, arthritic nurse.

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