Book nurse is blogging

I’m finding that being a 21st century student is somewhat more challenging than it was in the 80’s.  Then again, I’m also raising four children now and that presents its own challenges.  I am in the fourth year of  my master’s degree in  at UNC Greensboro, working towards a Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies (MLIS). I am also completing the RN refresher course so that I will have an active nursing license.

My 19 year old is now enrolled at Central Piedmont Community College, where he is working towards an associate’s degree in history. Then he’ll transfer to a four-year college and finish his degree.  His tuition is $65 a credit hour while mine is closer to $200.  I hope some sort of financial aid comes through for one of us.

Today I have been trying to get my financial aid documentation sorted out.  For some reason, when I submitted my application, my gender was not recorded.  This is essential in order to register (men only) for selective service.  I don’t think I would pass the physical, but I would be perfectly willing to register.  Who knows? Perhaps the military could use a cranky, middle-aged, arthritic nurse.

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