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Limiting Sitting & Sleeping

Can you limit your sitting and sleeping to just 23.5 hours a day? I spend an appalling amount of time sitting in my car and then sitting at my desk.   I wish I spent more time sleeping! One of … Continue reading

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Zebra Fish Making a Splash

One of my sisters is working with zebra fish so I’ve been doing some extra reading.  Today I ran across this article, Zebrafish make a big splash,  on Vector, the Children’s Hospital Boston science & clinical innovation blog.  Researchers there … Continue reading

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Health & Wellness

I am not one for new year’s  resolutions, but I do need some extra motivation this year.  I found some strong motivation in this morning’s Charlotte Observer.  A weighted hula hoop looks like fun!

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Bates Visual Guide to Physical Examination

I remember Bates from 1988! It was one of my more expensive textbooks. I wonder what edition I had? The book is on the 10th edition and the video series is on the 4th. I’m accessing the videos through the … Continue reading

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